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How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Welsh Wood Style

We spent the past weekend in the glorious country that is Wales.


It’s such a beautiful place and somewhere that makes me feel lighter and breathe easier just being there.

How To ~ Leaf Garland with Glitter

I try to incorporate a little bit of nature around the house when decorating, so with an abundance of leaves from  our autumnal walks and two kids who needed something to do we made a leafy garland.

We could have left the leaves alone and just pegged them up, but the glitter was almost jumping off the shelf at me!

This was a super simple activity for the kids to get involved with, all you need are some leaves, glitter, craft glue, twine and some mini pegs.

How to leaf garland with glitter

The Simple Things ~ Family Ties

I have always been envious of those big, close families. The kind where they really get along, as friends as well as family members.

My own family is a little weird; we don’t all get along, some of us haven’t spoken in years and a fair few have never met. But they’re mine and I love them all the same.


How Does Your Garden Grow ~ Woodland Walk

This time of year the woods are such a beautiful place to visit.

The ever changing assortment of colours and the transition of plants and trees as they prepare for colder months is one of natures true spectacles.

woodland gatherings

Things I Gotta Do When We Go Camping!

The countdown is on!

We’re going camping this weekend, eek!

We’ve never been before and wanting to make the most of it I’ve come up with a Camping Bucket List, basically it’s a bunch of things for the kids and us to do which will hopefully make the weekend a fun filled time.

camping, things to do

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