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Silent Sunday

Oh what a gorgeous week it has been!

I never get tired of this view, rain or shine it never fails to impress me.

poppies by the pierOneDad3Girls

Silent Sunday

I found this on my phone, no idea when I took it but I love the silhouette effect, especially of the lamp post in the bottom left of the photo, it’s all about the tiny details.

Silhouette skies











Coastal Days

Living as close as we do to the beach it’s inevitable that we find ourselves spending much of our time down there just enjoying the peace and quiet that can be found between the lazy waves and the excited screams of children chasing seagulls.

Those children are mine and I really should stop them but the pesky seagulls are rather vicious in their attempts at nabbing our lunch, so I give the kids free reign on chasing them away.

running towards the pier

Something new – Woodturning!

I forgot just how exciting it is to learn something new.
Seems the older we get, the less we learn, life gets in the way of introducing new things to our lives just for the sake of it.
But oh what a waste, there is so much left to learn, I’m currently learning all about woodturning.

Not perhaps the obvious choice of pursuits but man oh man is it fun!
There is something incredibly satisfying about taking a lump of wood and turning it in to something beautiful, unique and practical.
All the trees
Coppiced trees
Felled trees
wooden bowl
I’m now starting to dabble in wood carving, which is so fun and amazing, but not so kind on the fingers!
wood carving
This past weekend I made a live edge bowl, I’m pleased as heck as to how it turned out, here’s a quick flick from start to finish.

live edge bowl
Linking up with the lovely Suzanne for Loud ‘n’ Proud
3 Children and It

Parenting, it’s not always easy

Apparently honesty is the best policy, except when it comes to admitting the realities of being a parent.

As a mother to 6 year old twin boys I’ve been through a lot of good, bad and ugly times with them. I’ll gladly put my hand up and admit being a parent isn’t what I thought it would be; it’s better and more rewarding than I could have imagined.

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