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Christmas Craft Ideas

Whilst I’m faffing about trying to find sticky tape and that missing gift I’m sure I bought, all whilst cleaning up the house ready for guests visiting us before Christmas I need something to keep the kids entertained.

They are not the sort to sit in front of the telly and just be quiet, oh no, they need to be doing something!

Silent Sunday


winter sunrise

Mental Health & Christmas

Living with any mental health illness makes the most mundane of days difficult.

In the years since I developed PTSD and depression I’ve found the lead up to Christmas and New Year a particularly difficult time to deal with.

The seemingly forced jolly feelings everywhere, the insane shoppers fighting over the sprouts, services closing down for the holidays and disrupted routines seem to exacerbate the already tentative hold on normalcy I have.

The First Frost

Despite the damage frost can do to our gardens I absolutely adore those little icy flakes of crystals, everything looks so pretty and magical with a little sparkle don’t you think?

This week we saw our first frost, it almost made me miss the long school runs.

crunchy leaf and frost

ground frost

Just Another Reason I Hate School

I never once imagined that sending my children to school would cause us so much stress, worry and anger.

Despite a frankly appalling start to their formal education both Ahren and Ethan are thriving; they’re outgoing, confident, eager to learn, respectful, humble and reading at a pace which I find astounding and writing with ever growing confidence.

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