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Silent Sunday

little boys big sky

It was another one of those days where we had the beach pretty much to ourselves, and the kids just did their thing whilst I appreciated the opportunity to do nothing much at all, bliss!


Sunny Days & Rainy Afternoons

We’ve only just started the Summer break and already hit the beach twice, living so close means it’s our “go to” place.

beach essentials

Let’s Talk About Sex

I’ve been thinking about sex this week. Actually I think about it every week, but this week it’s different, my children had their first lessons in Sex & Relationship Education and it’s opened a whole new can of worms.

They learnt all about their private parts and the differences between boys and girls, trying to ascertain anything else they learnt is hopeless, they’re 6 year old boys; girls are gross and the words penis and vagina are hilarious.


How Does Your Garden Grow?

Last week I headed out for a walk all by myself, my shadows will be joined at the hip for the next 6 weeks and 5 days, not that I’m counting, so I decided to get in some “me time” whilst I could.


Goodbye Willy, Hello Penis

Since the letters arrived home a few weeks ago informing me that my boys would be having lessons on Sex and Relationship Education I’ve been a bundle of nerves. There was to be a video, nakedness and discussions on how “it feels good when it’s hard” … the penis, not the sex apparently, and talks on the  differences between men and women amongst other things.

I was not and am not prepared for the questions these lessons will no doubt bring up.

And less than an hour in to the Summer break and it started.

favourite words

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