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Silent Sunday

Eastbourne pier at sunrise

I’m just loving the sunrise silhouettes of the pier that I’ve been capturing lately, it really enables the details of the structure to pop.

ColourMe Wellies ~Review

I was pretty excited when we were asked by the lovely el Rhey folk if we’d like to review their ColourMe Wellies. I first stumbled across el Rhey on Twitter and was immediately impressed with their ColourMe Wellies, who doesn’t want some colour to brighten up grey and rainy days?

el Rhey are a specialist children’s rainwear designer and wholesaler based in Bournemouth, UK who produce ColourMe Wellies.

colour me wellies


How Does Your Garden Grow…

Hands up who else forgot to plant the bulbs out on time?

Whilst pootling about yesterday I found some tulip bulbs, which had begun sprouting whilst in their paper bag, gah!

tulip bulbs

I finally managed to get them all planted in the garden, gardening in the rain isn’t too bad, and now I just have to cross my fingers crossed they actually bloom!

Do You Take Your Health For Granted?

It’s fair to say I lost pretty much all and any inhibitions during labour.

Wanting my babies born safe and healthy took precedence over any embarrassment I may have felt being examined, prodded and poked, yet when it comes to my own health I’m ridiculously embarrassed at the thought of any procedure where things might get…personal.

So, when I a letter arrived inviting me for my cervical screening test back in early December I put it off.

How To ~ Pom Pom Blooms

I’m rather loving all things pompom at the moment, yet there are only so many pompom garlands a home needs, I lie, a home can never have enough!

But I wanted to try something a little different so decided on some pompom blooms, a pop of fun colour on these grey and dreary Winter days.

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