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How Does Your Garden Grow

This week I decided to head out to the local park to see if Spring was making herself known there and I was pleasantly surprised to see signs of Spring popping up.

There were patches of Snowdrops and Crocus’s all over the place, those at the base of trees looked particularly lovely.


Back to School Blues

It seems as though I’d only just got used to the little tinkers being under foot again and before I knew it they were clambering aboard the school bus to be taken away for another day of learning.

back to school


Silent Sunday

sunrise and low tide

Some mornings I really could just burst into song, something like “Oh what a beautiful moooorrrrrrning….”

or if I’m feeling wistful, 

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed the day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.”

alas, my singing voice is an acquired taste, so I shall save you from the live versions.

The Weeks That Were…

It’s been a funny ol’ two weeks.

We’ve had many moments of creativity. My knitting and weaving are coming along pretty darn well and I learnt how to make origami flowers. And Ahren has been perfecting his colouring in skills.

weaving and driftwood

How Does Your Garden Grow

There really isn’t much to do in the garden at the moment, it’s a waiting game now.

Waiting for Spring bulbs to do something, waiting for the final frost to pass and well, just waiting really.

smail house

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